BizJet Advisor is the only business aviation magazine in China…a bizjet magazine owned and published by bizjet people.
We print valuable practical guidance and advice for aircraft owners and potential owners. Everything from the selection process through to operations and bizjet resale, tailored to our China audience.

BizJet Advisor has been selected as official reading material on board of the following business aviation operators and FBO’s.

Deer Jet, BAA, Sino Jet, Nanshan Jet, Lily jet, Donghai Jet, CEAEA, Allpoints Jet, Hanergy Aviation, WorldEx Aviation, Star Jet,
Deer Jet Shenzhen FBO, Deer Jet Haikou FBO, Deer Jet Sanya FBO, Deer Jet Xian FBO, Deer Jet Changsha FBO, Deer Jet Hangzhou FBO, Deer Jet Nanning FBO, Shanghai Hongqiao FBO, Beijing Airport FBO,
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport FBO, Nanjing Lukou International Airport VIP Lounge.

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