Deer Jet with the 787 Dream Jet Makes His Perfect Appearance in Paris The Integrated Civilization of the East and West

The 787 Dream Jet which is the first one all over the world came to Paris on June 28, 2017 and started its three-day itinerant exhibition of Paris Station, which is called “Dreams Encounter the World”. Again, Deer Jet shows the customers worldwide the art style of top and upscale business travel provider in the capital of fashion and art.

The Moment that the 787 Dream Jet Arrives in Paris, the Global Capital of Art and Fashion.

The Experiencing Quota Has Been Fulfilled on the First Day of Paris Station

Deer Jet has conducted its global itinerant exhibition for worldwide market since last September when the 787 Dream Jet came into service. The 787 Dream Jet has flying across seven cities in Asia, Europe, Africa, north America; it adds the local culture essence at different legs of the itinerant exhibition, combines the art and travel perfectly, and make all the guests who is personal on the scene full of praise.

The Arrangement of the Cabin at Paris Station of the “Dreams Encounter the World”, of the 787 Dream Jet.

The legendary crystal brand, Saint Louis, which obtained the royal named right over 400 years ago in Paris, the world’s capital of fashion and art, adds some romantic classical charm to the 787 Dream Jet with extraordinary and exclusive crystal technique. Meanwhile, the silverware brand, Puiforcat, which is regarded as one of the national treasure of France, created a cross-link of time with the style which is between retro and innovative design, traditional and modern times. Every jewelry watch of De Tournemire brand is customized according to the ideas and conception of customers, which displays the smartness and diligence of designers used to endow life to an artistic work. Particularly, the old-brand art gallery, Galerie Dumonteil, combines the orient gentleness with the Occident frankness via the smart and mellow sculptures, which helps the dream business liner reveal the comprehensive art feast with both east and west cultures in artistic Paris.

This exhibition triggers the many responses from the upscale business travel market in Paris, attracts the continuous stream of visitors, obtained the courteous reception of the experiencing quota for the 787 Dream Jet being fulfilled on the first day.

The Only Aviation Artwork All Over the World

According to information, the 787 Dream Jet takes 787-8 as the prototype, is designed by the famous French aircraft interior stylist, Jacques Pierre jean, takes 2 years and a half to be well-designed and made, is the only corporate aircraft 787 which started commercial operation around the world and processed by Hainan Airlines Group. Deer Jet, the professional corporate aircraft company subordinated to Hainan Airlines Group, registered the aircraft in BAS Guernsey by its Hongkong branch to provide a more comprehensive service for the global upscale business travel market.

In order to make sure that every passenger get the best travel experience, Deer Jet selects pilots and attendants with harsh standard from the Hainan Airlines which is one of the top ten airlines around the globe., especially enacts the seven-star service standard and trains staff based on it, specially organizes the “dream service team” and satisfies the all-round travel demands of customers with steward service pattern. The above-mentioned facts and the efficient global operation system that has been formed during the past 22 years make the 787 Dream Jet the only “aviation artwork” all over the world.

The Classical Arrangement of the 787 Dream Jet of the world tour, “Dreams Encounter the World”,Paris Station.

The 787 Dream Jet Comes into Existence as the Situation Requires

Deer Jet has been in operation since 1995, became the biggest business aviation company in Asia in 2001. Recently, Deer Jet is setting its sights on the goal of leading the global business aviation industry. Under the guidance of the state policy “Belt and Road”, Deer Jet has successively completed its acquisition of Asia Jet, the strategic cooperation with UAS which is a world-leading travel insurance company and head-quartered in Dubai, and its FBO network is covering the Asia Pacific. A kind of world-leading product which is more creative is an inevitable choice for seeking the breakthrough of brand and market when all the conditions are satisfied.

Meanwhile, the service of international upscale business travel service market are being upgraded in the recent years. With upturns in the global corporate aircraft market and continued depression of oil price, the demand of nonstop journey has become more eager among customers, and the large-size of airplane in international upscale business travel market has become a trend. On the other hand, some corporate aircraft companies in European and America has started transforming the Boeing 757 or even Boeing 777 into full first-class structure for the purpose of global travel service. Some of them are equipped with social activity area, which improves the long flight experience. As a national brand which strives to become a leader in international market, Deer Jet also is bound to keep the pace with the development of international market.

Now, the published price of the 787 Dream Jet from Deer Jet is 500 thousand yuan per hour. And there is constant demand in the international market. Our regular customers are from Europe , the United States and the Middle East. The high-profile exhibition of dream business liner is to further develop in European nations. We hope to cooperate with Hilton Group and some other international hotel groups to successively offer a combination products which includes round trips between Hongkong and Daxidi or Paris or Rome and complimentary upscale hotel presidential suite, which has drawn widespread attention.

Serving as an Envoy of Eastern and Western Culture

Deer Jet regardsthe787 not only as a plane for achieving efficient travel, but also as a cultural carrier for promoting the Eastern and Western cultural integration.

“Deer Jet wants to make the travel to be the artist career. Exhibiting the 787 Dream Jet in Paris, a city of capital of fashion and art, has always been the thing we wanted to do.” Frank Fang said, the vice president of Deer Jet, “we can let more and more people understand the local culture when we are displaying something with Western cultural elements in the traveling exhibition. Meanwhile, we are also working to display something with Eastern cultural elements, especially Chinese works of art. We can both serve our customers and let more and more people know China. It will be an important mission for the 787 Dream Jet to promote the Eastern and Western cultural communication and integration.

To achieve this, Deer Jet’s service team well carefully prepare for each customer and each flight. All the cabins’ soft-mounted are different from each other. As a result, every customer can achieve perfect travel experience in the 787 Dream Jet.

Jacques PIERRE JEAN, the 787 Dream Jet Cabin Designer and Frank Fang, the vice president of Deer Jet at the Zen Corridor of the 787 Dream Jet Cabin.

There is a big demand for the 787 Dream Jet in international market now. In order to enhance the service capacity, Hainan Airlines Group proclaimed that they would import the second dream business liner 787BBJ and hand over operations to Deer Jet so that Hainan Airlines Group could organize the biggest fleet in the world and take up the bigger portion of the international upscale business travel markets.


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