The Registry of Aruba: Our Clients Are Like Family

When asked, why someone should consider registering an aircraft in Aruba: Jorge Colindres, chairman, and founder of The Registry of Aruba, will say, “Our clients are like family.”

You will also learn that Aruba offers aircraft owners and operators a host of benefits, including expedited registration, efficient tax planning, and a highly skilled team that’s available to them 24/7, 365 days per year. Established in 1995, The Registry of Aruba was the first privately managed aircraft registry rated Cat-1 by the FAA; and in compliance with ICAO standards.

Jorge Colindres, chairman, and founder of The Registry of Aruba.

The Colindres Family is known for firsts. Across the world, there are only two private/public aircraft registry partnerships, both held and operated by the Colindres’; Aruba and San Marino. An innovative idea is their patriarch’s legacy: that the public and private sector can come together to provide superior customer service in the aviation industry.

How it works

Colindres has a passion for streamlined processes and unparalleled service. More than twenty years ago, this passion turned the aviation registry business upside down – by having a private partner in tandem with a civil aviation department, we can provide higher levels of service, without compromising safety.

As the government entity in the partnership, the Department Civil Aviation of Aruba (DCA) maintains regulatory control, leaving Colindres and his team to innovate and provide unmatched service to the emerging market. This partnership between the private and public sector allows The Registry of Aruba to offer a business model to customers that enables them to deal with people verses bureaucracy; a rarity when dealing with government entities.

“When we decided to start the registry, we wanted to run it like a private company,” Colindres shares. “That means we are always available to customers. There are no bank holidays or national days off, [giving] private jet owners access to a civil aviation registry system that is always on standby for them.”

The result is a private aviation registration company that remains untethered by rigid business hours and national calendars. Unlike other registries that require owners and operators to fill out piles of paperwork without guidance, a privately-owned registration company has the opportunity to provide higher levels of service, acting as an agent for the client. The agent prepares the documentation, walking the client through the process of airworthiness inspection, registration, and qualification of the flight crew. Documentation is filed and submitted to the DCA on the client’s behalf to avoid administrative burden or hassle.

Why Aruba?

Aruba has been a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 1815 and has since become known for their long history of strong economic performance and stable parliamentary democratic processes. The protections of a well-developed country provide the perfect environment for a service-oriented private/public business relationship, making Aruba a premier venue for maintaining the resale value of your private jet.

Thanks to a strong foundation laid by the DCA and the Colindres family, the Registry of Aruba can reduce turnaround time for getting jets back in the air from weeks to days. Their unmatched registration service stems from enthusiasm for efficiency within the company. Since its inception, the registry has always made state of the art technology a key component of their processes. The Aircraft Registry Management System, or ARMS, allows the electronic management of all registered aircraft, operators, and documentation. Clients also have access to the online portal for quick and easy access to current records from anywhere in the world.

“We are pioneers,” said Colindres. “Aruba’s always been known to think outside the box. Here at the registry, we have no box. Whatever the client needs, we will find a way to make it happen.”

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