Embraer China to host 2018 Executive Operators Conference

Tianjin China, September 6, 2018 – Embraer China will host the 2018 Embraer Executive Operators Conference (EEOC) on September 13, in Tianjin, with over 100 guests, including customer representatives from Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Sino Jet, China Eastern Business Jet, BAA, HK Bellawings, Metrojet, Ordos GA, Colorful Yunnan General Aviation and SR Jet. Representatives from the Embraer Services & Support team and Embraer authorized service centers, as well as Embraer suppliers, will also attend the conference.

EEOC meetings will be held to discuss various topics relevant to the Embraer Executive Jets fleet in Greater China, which includes the Phenom 300—the most delivered light business jet for the past six years—the Legacy 500, the Legacy 600/650 and the Lineage 1000/1000E. EEOC topics will cover flight operation, engineering technology, maintenance experiences and spare parts. Embraer will also share an overview and update of the company’s executive jet business, its services and support in China, in addition to the operation and maintenance of its fleet in the region.

“EEOCs have been successfully held for five consecutive years with the objective of building a highly effective communication platform among operators, suppliers and Embraer. In the past few years, Embraer Services & Support has been widely recognized by customers, which in turn encourages us to continuously improve our services and elevate customer satisfaction. We believe that through this year’s EEOC, we will further strengthen our relationship and communication with our customers, helping them improve their fleet efficiency and reduce operational costs, delivering more value to our Chinese customers,” says Siu Ying Yeung, COO of Embraer China.

In recent years, Embraer has made great strides in customer services and support. Its commitment has been recognized by customers around the world and, in 2018, Embraer was ranked at the top of ProPilot’s Business Jets Product & Service Survey, for the third time in recent years. Embraer has also been among the top two in AIN’s Product Support Survey rankings, since 2016.

Embraer currently has two authorized service centers in China—Metrojet and ExecuJet Haite Aviation Services China Co., Ltd—and two executive jets maintenance service providers–-STAECO (Beijing) Business Jet Maintenance Co., Ltd and China Eastern Business Jet.

To date, Embraer has received 221 firm orders in China. Since the delivery of the first executive jet in the Chinese market in 2004, Embraer has delivered 34 executive jets to Chinese customers.

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