The World’s Only “Flying Palace”

Do you have to travel far with a big entourage? Do you need space to work as well as to relax? Do safety and comfort exceed all other airborne prerequisites? Then take a tour through the only flying palace available in the world.


Facts first!

This intercontinental business jet is impressive in all dimensions. A non-stop flight from Dubai to Tokyo is easily achievable  and a Los Angeles to London trip takes only an astonishing nine and half hours.

The aircraft is configured with seating for 89 passengers and 14 crew members. This Boeing Business jet offers an astonishing 420 meters square internal space. There are two decks, three lounges, five galleys, two bedrooms with two en-suite bathrooms and nine lavatories offering all possible amenities in the sky.

Indulge yourself

Welcome on board this prestigious B747-8i. You are entering an aircraft far beyond anything ever previously conceived. The highest level of craftsmanship and engineering prowess was applied to meticulously outfit the interior. This “piece de resistance” was created during two and a half years at the Swiss Completion Center AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland.

A team of dedicated engineers, skilled craftsmen and designers had already put their full expertise into this ambitious project. They had worked for more than a year closely together to create an interior, which fulfills every possible need of its passengers, in the air and on the ground. Yves Pickardt of Alberto Pinto Cabinet, the world-renowned designer agency in Paris, drew an interior design concept according to the client’s wishes. From November 2012 onwards until July 2015, the experts of AMAC Aerospace brought this unique concept to life

A world of its own

This luxurious aircraft is a universe of its own, with four different zones for the passengers, offering unmet comfort and style. In the entrance you are welcomed by a beautiful open space, leading to the master bedroom to the right and guest room and private lounge to the left. The first zone space reflects anyone’s expectation of a luxury hotel,or private space at home.  Ample lighting, niche décor items and functionality are translated into a tastefully decorated space for the owner.

One of the highlights of the main deck is the master bedroom. Meticulously planned and equipped with warm colored wood veneers and elegant leather coverings, the rooms offer style and comfort for the occupant. The recessed ceiling panels enhance the sense of space and a refined lighting system adjusts to every mood.

Or just refresh your mind and body in the adjacent en-suite bathroom. Soft fabrics of the highest quality, combined with luxurious leather and exquisite wood veneers lend the interior its grandeur and persona. A full height shower cubicle leads you over soft carpets Dark wood is laid out in the generous shower cubicle, equipped with a rainforest shower-head. The dimmable light sources are strategically placed. Back in the master bedroom, a king-size bed invites you to drift to the land of dreams. When you are opening your eyes after a good sleep, your view will be refreshed by custom-made art. Whatever atmosphere you would like to create is at the tips of your fingers via the adjustable the room system.

When beautiful forms meets function

Your guests travelling with you will feel royal. A beautiful guest room with a private en-suite bathroom awaits them. The design follows a brighter, but no less-detailed, color scheme then the master bedroom. Delicate diamond stitched leather adorns the bulkhead walls of this room, contemporary floral patterns decorate the window shades fabrics and are repeated in the cushions. The spiral frame of the mirror is an eye-catcher. In the en-suite bathroom, shimmering mother of pearl inlays decorates the vanity facades, accompanied by light and dark wood veneers.

Fine cuisine at 35,000 feet

Working on your travels? Delights are extended… In your private office with a separate lavatory, meetings can be held easily, supported with the latest business technologies you are looking for Freshly prepared culinary delights in the forward galley will flatter your palate or enjoy a movie on the flat screen. Bespoke art pieces decorate the walls and add to the calming yet inspiring atmosphere. Varying time zones are accommodated with the perfect illumination of all rooms via handheld devices and strategically-placed lights. A state-of-the-art perfect air humidity system will guarantee, that you will be refreshed, even at high altitudes.

Entertainment one step ahead

On the upper deck, a separate lounge is dedicated to theater-style entertainment – unreleased movies,  the latest global news, or cheering for your sports team. This state-of- the-art system lack for nothing. The upper deck galley is connected via lift to the main deck. Snacks, drinks or meals can be enjoyed without interruption. On the upper deck, ample space to sit back is available in the club seats behind the entertainment zone. The communication center allows for all communication needs to be met either whilst up in the air or with relay stations on the ground.

Psssst – Please do not disturb

In night configuration, the seats in all zones recline and turn into a comfortable places to sleep. However, sometimes legs have to be stretched fully to relax. An Overhead Passenger Module (OPM) offers 8 extra beds for sleepy passengers.

What Else

The rest of the B747-8i cabin allows for entourage accommodation in the way of seating, table space for working/dining and/or additional storage for cabin luggage.  Every conceivable option was thought of in the development of the cabin concept and the final end product is something to be marveled at.  Whether you are a business person who yearns to have a machine that helps continue grow your empire or if you are a head of state, this aircraft provides only the seriously interested parties who wish to utilize this platform to keep business decisions moving forward or to help a country meet its expectations with other world leaders and governments.

This BBJ B747-8i is the combination of countless hours, intensive and fruitful discussions, hard craft and dedicated work. It was our first B747-8i completion and we have demonstrated AMAC’s capabilities  – we made the concept of ‘The only Flying Palace in the World’ come true! We are proud of our workforce and the vast majority of all production was accounted for in-house at our facilities in Basel, Switzerland. We owe the success of this complex completion project to the smooth collaboration between my co-workers, the authorities and most of all to the trust of our esteemed customer. We are looking forward to hand over this unique product of ‘Swiss Excellence in Business Aviation’ to a new owner who will enjoy the full potential of this unique aircraft on its future missions.’

——Mr Bernd Schramm, Group Chief Operating Officer,



Philip Rushton
Philip Rushton

Philip Rushton is our publisher, he has spent over forty years in various capacities in the world of aviation. In addition to his publisher duties for BJA, Philip oversees a successful US-based consultancy company, Aviatrade Inc., with offices in the USA, Europe, and China.