Bush Flying…Alaska Style!

“Stranded airplane passengers ski to safety after being forced to land on Alaska glacier. After abandoning their three airplanes on the top of a glacier, the group of five trudged through the deep Alaskan snow to safety”

…This was the headline in a UK newspaper, back in April this year. Fortunately, these incidents are rare and even more rarely do they result in tragedy. This is because the intrepid professionals responsible for piloting these exhilerating airborne excursions into the Alaskan backcountry are exactly that…professional and responsible!

The Denali National Park is the epitome of mothernature’s wonders…in winter it is bleak, barren, other-worldly and yet, in summer Denali is resplendent with flora and replete with wildlife. The name Denali is itself a slight contraction of the word “Denalee”. This word is derived from the local Koyukon native people’s description of the mountain “The High One”.

Philip Rushton
Philip Rushton

Philip Rushton is our publisher, he has spent over forty years in various capacities in the world of aviation. In addition to his publisher duties for BJA, Philip oversees a successful US-based consultancy company, Aviatrade Inc., with offices in the USA, Europe, and China.