The Revolutionary Nuage Seat, Some Questions Answered

Philip Rushton, Bizjet Advisor’s publisher, was fortunate to catch-up with Anna Cristofaro at Bombardier to gain a better understanding of the Collins Aerospace-designed, revolutionary Nuage bizjet seat, as installed in the Global 7500 bizjet.

What prompted the radical core design of the Nuage seat?

The Global 7500 sets the standard for business jets and is an industry game-changer. From cockpit to luggage area, this aircraft redefines business aviation and every aspect of the Global 7500 cabin experience was scrutinized. In designing the Nuage seat, Bombardier teams examined every conceivable passenger need and comfort that might arise while seated in flight and launched the process from there. The result is comfort perfected—a seat designed for life above the clouds.

Bombardier’s patented Nuage seat is a centrepiece feature aboard the new Global family of aircraft. It represents a revolutionary seating architecture and the first meaningful change in the operation and design of a business aircraft seat in 30 years.

At its heart are three key features unavailable on any other seat in business aviation.

  1. Unprecedented deep recline.Unlike other business aircraft seats, where only the backrest reclines, the Nuage seat has a patented tilt link system that uniquely pivots the seat backwards at the knees as it reclines. This keeps the body fully supported with no added pressure on the legs.
  2. One-of-a-kind floating base.The Nuage seat’s patented floating base houses a novel fluid movement system for effortless tracking. A thoughtfully engineered swivel axis maintains an intuitively centered point of rotation in any position.
  3. Unique tilting headrest.Available exclusively on the Nuage seat, the tilting headrest provides essential neck support for ergonomic excellence.

The result is comfort perfected—a seat designed for life above the clouds.

Is the Nuage seat being adopted by other OEM’s, apart from Bombardier?

No. The Bombardier-designed Nuage seat is patented and exclusive to our Global family of aircraft.

Is the same construction available for couches and fixed beds?

The construction, built-to-print by our partners, Rockwell Collins, is exclusive to Bombardier’s patented Nuage seat.

Can the Nuage seats be retro-fitted to other aircraft in the Global family?

As more Global 7500 aircraft enter service, we will evaluate customer response and opportunities to bring the system to other Bombardier platforms. As a matter of fact, the Nuage seats are already being featured on the newly certified and now in service Global 5500/6500 aircraft.

Are there upgrades to the Nuage seat in the pipeline?

Bombardier is continually updating its product platform and offers products and services that meet and exceed its customers’ needs. We’re pleased with our customers’ response to the exclusive Bombardier-designed Nuage seat.

With the large aircraft category demonstrating the fastest growth, we know how important it is provide exceptional cabin comfort and to have the right products in place at the right time.

Philip Rushton
Philip Rushton

Philip Rushton is our publisher, he has spent over forty years in various capacities in the world of aviation. In addition to his publisher duties for BJA, Philip oversees a successful US-based consultancy company, Aviatrade Inc., with offices in the USA, Europe, and China.