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 Euroairport, August 23, 2019 – AMAC Aerospace is pleased to announce to have four completed maintenance projects. Furthermore, two requests for AOG support were successfully organized within 24 hours. The headquarters of AMAC Aerospace in Basel has also been awarded with several new maintenance projects and three orders for ‘ADS-B Out’ installations. In addition to that, AMAC Aerospace welcomed a privately-owned Airbus ACJ A340 to undergo an unscheduled maintenance input in Basel. 

AMAC Aerospace received three requests for new ‘ADS-B Out’ installations.

 AMAC Aerospace received three orders for new ‘ADS-B Out’ (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) installations. Two privately owned Boeing B737 arrived by end of July for the ‘ADS-B Out’ installation and simultaneously they will undergo a small maintenance input. An Airbus A319 successfully fulfilled the mandated ’ADS-B Out’ with AMAC Aerospace. The privately-owned aircraft left AMAC at the beginning of August. AMAC Aerospace is getting more and more requests for ‘ADS-B Out’ installations as the FAA has mandated ‘ADS-B Out’ capabilities for flight after January 1, 2020, for flights in most airspaces where a Mode C transponder is required. 

AMAC Aerospace received three orders for new ‘ADS-B Out’ installations.

Beginning of August, an Airbus ACJ A319 has been released to service from AMAC after a major maintenance input. Besides the maintenance input, AMAC Aerospace carried out a landing gear overhaul and some small interior modifications. A Gulfstream G550 has been accomplished after a 16 C-Check maintenance with SB’s (service bulletins) and a corrosion treatment. The privately-owned G550 underwent some interior modifications. Last week AMAC was able to sign two new contracts with a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 and a Boeing B737. The MD-87 will arrive in September to AMAC’s headquarter in Basel, Switzerland and undergo a major modification. Another contract has been signed by AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland for a privately-owned Boeing BBJ B737. In November, AMAC Aerospace will install FANS (Future Air Navigation System) and an Iridium Satcom System for FANS under AMAC’s STC on the Boeing BBJ B737. 

AMAC Aerospace finished maintenance projects on two Boeing BBJ B737 in Basel, Switzerland. Mid-June, a Boeing BBJ B737 entered AMAC’s facility to undergo a maintenance check. AMAC Aerospace’s skilled mechanic teams were able to complete the heavy base maintenance check by end of July and the Head of State aircraft was redelivered on time. Another Boeing BBJ B737 has been returned to service its customer on schedule. The privately-owned BBJ B737 underwent a base maintenance check. 

Two Boeing BBJ 737 were returned to service after a heavy base maintenance respectively a base maintenance check on time.
The services of AMAC Aerospace AOG support team are in high demand.

Early August, AMAC Aerospace received two new requests for AOG supports. An AOG support team from AMAC Aerospace Basel, Switzerland, was sent to Zurich to perform an AOG support. At the same time, AMAC Aerospace was asked to provide AOG support in Africa. With the flexibility of AMAC’s directors and managers, they were able to send within 24 hours a team to a customer in Africa. The work on the Gulfstream G-IV will be carried out in the coming days to release the aircraft as soon as possible. 

AMAC Aerospace were awarded new maintenance contracts on two Airbus-, one Boeing and one Gulfstream aircraft. An Airbus ACJ 340 has entered AMAC’s facilities in Basel, Switzerland to undergo an unscheduled maintenance input. From the same family, AMAC was pleased to welcome an Airbus ACJ 318 at its headquarter. The privately-owned Airbus ACJ 318 will undergo minor cabin refurbishment. 

A Boeing BBJ B737 entered AMAC’s facility in Basel, Switzerland by end of July. The privately-owned BBJ B737 will undergo a C-Check and in conjunction, AMAC’s maintenance team will install an ‘ADS-B Out’ (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast). Simultaneously, AMAC Aerospace welcomed a Gulfstream G450 to undergo a ‘PPI’ (Pre-Purchase Inspection) on short notice. 

Boeing BBJ B737 in one of the hangars of AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland.
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