Swiss Precision, of the Aerospace Variety

AMAC AEROSPACE’s Waleed Muhiddin Shares His Company’s Perspective

AMAC example of KA Band installation

AMAC Aerospace is the only privately owned company of its size in the industry offering services and products that consistently exceed client expectations and regulatory oversight requirements around the world; so how has AMAC capitalised on this advantage in the recent months and what is occurring for the midterm outlook?

AMAC Aerospace has enjoyed moving past the uncertainty that has crept up on Business Aviation over the last 18months, incorporating a variety of work that has been designed and engineered to give our clients what they want from, custom KA band internet antenna installations, to retro fits, refurbishments/completions, to heavy maintenance,  AMAC is moving through 2019 with an optimistic outlook.

We are the only completion centre in the world to have a second B747-8i  for nose to tail completion.  We are the first completion centre in the world to host the new Airbus ACJ NEO, due for nose to tail completion.  We have recently signed orders for the new Boeing Max -8 and -9, which are due for deliveries to our facility in Q4 2019 and Q2 2020, respectively.  AMAC is also working heavily on promoting aircraft ‘Self Protection Systems’ as aircraft fly through problematic regions of the world.

In May 2018, AMAC Aerospace was awarded the new Bombardier ASF (Authorised Service Facility) Approval, which allows all Bombardier aircraft within Europe to undergo warranty and maintenance work at our facility. AMAC Aerospace therefore has an enlarged portfolio of work, with regards maintaining various Bombardier aircraft,  including Global Express, XRS, Global 5000/6000 and Challenger series CL-300’s & CL-600’s. AMAC’s upper management, in cooperation with Basel EuroAirport management, have announced their decision to enlarge AMAC’s facility in Basel. The entire construction project shall take approx. one year to complete, starting in April, 2019 and ending with an operational and fully functioning 5thhangar by April, 2020.

“We are proud that we could achieve the status of being an Authorized Service Facility (ASF) in a very short time frame.  We are excited and honoured to enter a close and fruitful relationship with Bombardier and are thankful for having a very professional and well established OEM as a partner, that follows the same quality standards as we do in our facilities” saidMr. Rudi Kurz, Director Maintenance and Accountable Manager CAMO of AMAC Aerospace.

Hangar 5 from AMAC’s Apron

“AMAC compliments Bombardier’s growing Europeannetworkthat recently saw the expansion of line maintenance and mobile response capabilities.  Through this extended relationship with AMAC, Bombardier’s customers have access to even more industry-leading maintenance services in the region” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Vice President and General Manager, Customer Experience, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

A new technology coming into effect with our facility expansionis the use of a gateless security system that detects movement on our property using lasers.The system was selected because it’s an ‘intelligent system’ whereby it can carry out its duties in fog, snow and rainy conditions and it can detect whatever is passing through the laser beams.  AMAC Aerospace has always believed in developing a company that stands out from the rest of the competition.

AMAC Aerospace is one of three completion centres( in May, 2018) to have been awarded by Airbus the official A350 XWB preferred completion centre approval.

Having this approval for our completion centre on the new A350 XWB is very exciting for AMAC Aerospace, as there is a new horizon that is fast approaching.

A350 XWB AMAC concept design for Lounge
A350 XWB AMAC concept for bedroom

Older generation aircraft are being phased out and with the release thus far of the Airbus NEO’s and the Boeing MAX’s, both OEM’s are now in the process of developing, certifying and soon releasing to potential clients a new variant on the wide body field of aircraft.

Both these wide body aircraft will cater for clients who travel with large entourages, who require the comfort and practicalities of a large cabin and with mission types that are far superior to those of the single aisle aircraft platforms.

AMAC have recognised that some commercial airliners are breaking records for single flight routes with maximum flight times exceeding 19hours.

With such big marginal gains being experienced, these aircraft will certainly cater for discerning individuals, corporations, royal families and government bodies, who require such large machines.  The type of technology being generated and implemented for these aircraft is a frontier that a lot of MRO’s and completion centres have never before witnesssed.  To date AMAC Aerospace has worked very closely with a design studio ‘Unique Design’ (Ms. Warja Borges) to attract a certain type of person to explore and imagine the new concept of the A350 XWB.

AMAC Aerospace has been in existence for 10 years. We are the youngest, most technologically advanced company in the world with over 400 years of cumulative aviation experience between all company directors.  We attribute our achievements to the strong upper management that exists within AMAC… leadership with a clear strategy and sound logic behind its decisions.