Sino Jet attended the COP28 – United Nations Climate Change Conference, taking the lead in constructing sustainable green aviation

Since the global climate change issue has become increasingly severe, a variety of industries are taking the initiative to explore solutions for low-carbon development. As a corporate representative, Sino Jet attended the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), also known as COP28, and shared strategies and practices in terms of hastening sustainable development based on green aviation. Accordingly, the green and low-carbon development achievements of China’s business aviation industry have been presented to the world. Dubai was chosen as the place to hold this climate conference with the largest scale and more than 80,000 attendees were attracted, including
heads of state and government alongside leaders from civil society, business, youth.

Sino Jet attended the COP28 – UNFCCC

Sino Jet is the first business jet management company in China to announce its carbon neutrality plan, and its commitment and practice to green development have pointed out the way forward for the entire industry. The company intends to realize carbon neutrality in its possessed fleet, ground support business, and office operations by 2025, which dreams of ultimately achieving its overall business carbon neutrality by 2035. In line with the corporate carbon inventory report recently released by Sino Jet, it’s found that Sino Jet successfully reduced carbon emissions by 20.93% and per capita emissions by 31.6% in 2022. This remarkable achievement injects new impetus for the global business aviation industry to probe energy conservation and emission reduction.

From the spokesperson of Sino Jet, its green aviation plan contains the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction in existing businesses through technological innovation, as well as the active expansion of more environmentally friendly green businesses. By making unremitting efforts to continuously improve its rules and regulations to ensure that the suppliers meeting the sustainability requirements of the enterprise, which also formulates recycling plans to hasten the advancement of the circular economy. Given this, the “Sino Jet Innovation Research Institute” was founded and a “Green Aviation Laboratory” was established to guarantee the effective implementation of the company’s sustainable development strategy.

Sino Jet

Covering the entire process of aircraft operation, Sino Jet’s digital system actualizes comprehensive digitalization of customer service. Depending on this, the company has developed and implemented a carbon management system, enabling business jet clients to visually observe greenhouse gas emission details of each flight. When it comes to carbon emissions that cannot be avoided even after achieving energy conservation and emission reduction, users can directly enter the voluntary emission reduction cancellation channel verified by the nation and acquire professional technical support for carbon neutrality.

In the meantime, Sino Jet has taken the lead in focusing on the layout of the electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) business in the industry. Having collaborated with Geely Technology’s eVTOL R&D manufacturer AEROFUGIA, this has purchased 100 AE200 aircraft and built a smart flight of “business jet+eVTOL”.With the characteristics of safety, reliability, environmental friendliness, and economic efficiency, this new type of aircraft is efficiently linked and perfectly complementary to business jets. Beyond the provision of high-quality door-to-door travel solutions for business jet customers, this serves as a significant means to promote the construction of sustainable green aviation.

Sino Jet Built a Smart Flight of “Business Jet+eVTOL”

In addition to fully demonstrating the strategic significance of Sino Jet in driving sustainable growth of the industry, this series of practical achievements also provide valuable reference for global enterprises. According to Sino Jet, “Business jet users are highly influential entrepreneurs in various fields. Apart from saving energy and reducing emissions during aircraft operation, the adoption of this series of measures can also positively influence the environmental awareness of business jet users, thereby pushing more enterprises to hasten the process of engaging in carbon neutrality.”

In the period of the COP28, the All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) assessed the “Green Aviation” project of Sino Jet as the case of the green supply chain of “the Belt and Road Initiative” in 2023, setting a model for China in the construction of green supply chain all over the world. This reputation not only showcases Sino Jet’s dominant position in the domain of green aviation but also highly praises its corporate responsibility.

Sino Jet selected as a case study for the 2023 ‘Belt and Road’ Green Supply Chain

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection technology, Sino Jet extends its commitment to constantly deepening innovation in technology research and development, management optimization, and resource conservation, and cooperating with various partners to accelerate the high-quality and sustainable evolution of global green aviation. Meanwhile, it also encourages more enterprises to actively participate in the international market and share the achievements of sustainable development.

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