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Communicating a Falcon milestone

Times flies, but icons remain. This year marks the 6oth anniversary of the iconic Falcon line. A lot has been achieved in those six decades. In recognition, a 60-year brandmark and tagline were created to celebrate not just the passage of time but the foundation of that longevity. It’s a distinctive mark with a modern 3-D design, a tribute to the company’s innovative culture. The tagline celebrates the technological leadership that has made Falcons so respected by operators throughout the world for efficiency, agility and safety. It’s a powerful visual and verbal combination that will be used in communications for the remainder of the year.


Testing moves ahead with a new addition

In Saint-Cloud, near Paris, Dassault pilots have been busy evaluating equipment on a simulated Falcon 10X flight deck, or “test bench”. Recently, engineers installed the first production Smart Throttle, a groundbreaking advance in safety simplifying power management in all phases of flight. The Smart Throttle features a single lever that’s integrated with Dassault’s most advanced Digital Flight Control System for a new level of automation. It’s part of the advanced NeXus flight deck, which is fully touch screen, with easy, intuitive features like pinch to expand or shrink views and simplified inputs to reduce workload and improve situational awareness.


Preparing for Entry Into Service

Recently, a Falcon 6X simulator was FAA and EASA qualified at the CAE training center at Burgess Hill in the UK. In the coming months, CAE will be training the first 6X customer pilots. The CAE7000XR simulator is known for its ultra-realistic visual system. It’s also equipped with actual aircraft equipment, including the FalconEye Combined Vision System and the advanced EASy IV avionics system.


Customer service making news


First stop, Paris

This year’s Falcon Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Seminars got off to a successful start on April 5 in Paris, France. Attendees flocked to Paris from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to learn about the latest Falcon developments, participate in discussions on various issues, and meet and greet old and new acquaintances at the opening night reception at the Musée des Arts Forains. Product and service updates focused on the advanced EASy IV cockpit, recent additions to Dassault’s MRO network, and, of course, the entry into service of the new extra-widebody Falcon 6X, set for mid-year. Next stop, the US, which includes Miami and Chicago, and then a grand finale on May 17 in São Paulo, Brazil.


SAF comes to Little Rock

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is in the news a lot for good reason. Compared to standard jet fuel, SAF reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%. That’s why all customer acceptance and departure flights from Dassault’s Little Rock, Arkansas, completion facility will use SAF. All Falcons are certified to use SAF blends, and the new 10X ultra long-range twin will be compatible with 100% SAF when it enters service. Though business aviation contributes a tiny percentage of worldwide CO2 emissions, Dassault is committed to finding solutions.


MRO Group takes the stage

Balance, consistency and perseverance are constant themes in the culture of Dassault Aviation. They inform every action the people of Dassault make, from concept and design to manufacturing and supporting the company’s products. These values and how they play out in the diverse, high-tempo environment of global MRO operations are beautifully expressed in a new video that has just been produced. In it, three different people are shown meeting the challenges of their personal lives as energetically as they meet them in their professional lives.


Upcoming events around the world

EBACE 2023

May 23-25, 2023
Geneva, Switzerland

The 2023 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2023), Europe’s premier business aviation event, will soon land at the magnificent Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Geneva International Airport. It will undoubtedly be a Falcon Family affair, with the Falcon 6X, 8X and 2000LXS commanding attention in the static display. In addition, a new configuration of the Falcon 10X modular cabin will be on display for the first time. It features a large dining area with moveable club seating for even more comfortable living in the sky.


June 17-25, 2023
Le Bourget Airport, Paris, France

She’s back! “La Grande Dame” of international aviation will once again welcome visitors from far to the magnificent City of Light, the perfect setting for such a sparkling event. As always, Dassault will have a strong presence on the ground and in the air, with the Falcon 6X, 8X and 2000LXS on display and demo flights by the Rafale. The Falcon 10X cabin mockup, which has been getting rave reviews (and awards) for its unique design, is sure to generate excitement with its sizeable new dining area configuration, complete with moveable seating.


Socially speaking word of mouth


Falcon 2000 series turns 30!

The Falcon 2000 series is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023. And what a ride it’s been. Created specifically to combine transcontinental range with Falcon short-field capabilities, the 2000 quickly became Dassault’s top-selling aircraft in the U.S. and has retained that distinction to this day. Not only is it the first business jet digitally designed, it was the first designed with software from Dassault Systèmes. Over the course of its three decades, the Falcon 2000 series has been continually upgraded and optimized. Today’s Falcon 2000LXS is still the leader in its class and ready for the future.


Socially speaking word of mouth

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